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China+Australia trade agreement


Macroeconomics & Australia-China Trade

As an ‘Economist’,  write a feature article on the behaviour of the Australian economy, highlighting how it is linked to China

China - Australia Economic Summary Australian's relationship with China


Macroeconomics uncovered

Social/environmental/economic indicators

Key Economic Measures

Australian Economic Indicators


Effect of International Trade

Noodle Bowl Effect

Australian Economy: Why Australia Needs Exports!

How dependent is Australian on China?

Chinese Economic Growth

China-Australia Fair Trade Agreement

CIGI - Centre for International Goverance & Innovation

China - Australia Report (2014)

How does the Chinese Industry affect

Australian Mining?

How does the Australian economy influenced by China?

Future Predictions

Address to the Australia China Business Council Mar 2016

What the newspapers are reporting?

End of Iron Age

Free Trade Deal

The Australian Business Review

The Daily Reckoning Australia

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Review reporter: Selva Freigedo

What's at stake? FTA


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