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Brother Campbell Resource Centre: FAQ's

The BCRC web portal is designed to help you locate information and assist with the right tools to help you be successful with your courses. You will find plenty of links to whet your appetite for reading and inform you of College events and interests.

Clickview Online - FAQs

Q)  What is the Clickview Online URL?

A) (Sign in with your Lauries username and password)

Q)  When should I use Clickview Online?

A)  Use Clickview Online whenever you need to watch a CV video.

Q)  Do I need to have special software to use Clickview Online?

A)  No, simply log in through Google Chrome.

Q) Do I need a special password?

A)  No.  Sign in with your Lauries username and password.

Q)  What do I do if I cannot log in?

A)  Visit the BCRC and speak with one of the teacher librarians.


How do I...(everyday survival tips)

Log into my Library account

  1. Open Lauries.Net
  2. Click on Senior Library OPAC located on the menu bar
  3. Login with your college credentials

Borrow books from the BCRC library

  1. Look up the books you need on the OPAC
  2. Locate the books on the shelf
  3. Borrow them out at the Circulation Desk
  4. Use your Student ID to borrow.  All loans are for 2 weeks with the option to renew.

Print and copy

  1. You must release your print job from the printer located in the library.
  2. Type your student ID number into the keypad.  Select the Print option.
  3. To copy: type your student ID number into the keypad and select the "Copy" option.

What printer do I add to my laptop?

  1. Install the "Follow Me" printer.  This will connect to all 3 BCRC photocopiers.

Reset my password

  1. Visit the CAVE, located outside the Bookroom, and ask for your password to be reset.
  2. Teaching staff cannot perform this function due to security reasons.

Borrow a laptop

  1. Ask for a laptop at the CAVE if for some reason you cannot use your own laptop.

Connect to the library printers

  1. When you have the "Print" window open in your document, make sure the "Follow Me" printer is selected

Use Sloodle

  1. Find Sloodle on your Lauries.Net homepage
  2. Look for your course and peruse the content uploaded for your topic.

How do I...(everyday assignment tips)

MyConnect App

Open your MyConnecct App and sign in.  The App should be on your Desktop.

Your Username is your school email address.

Your Password is slc2018

If you cannot find it, search for it in your Windows menu.  It looks like this:

Pin it to your task bar so you can find it easily.

The ebooks you need will be in your library.

If you want to work online you can go to your Campion login.

Log in the Campion website with your Username and Password.