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Knights, Nobles and Nobodies: Medieval Homepage

Oliver Library Catalogue

Use the LIBRARY Catalogue to find helpful resources.

Useful Databases

Pathway to databases explained

Britannica: Click onto Britannica; Go to MIDDLE.

Key in search terms, e.g.

  • Magna Carta
  • John of England
  • English System
  • The Middle Ages
  • Chalemagne

Select relevant research document (Rich Text or PDF) and go to >CITATION (RHS)

Change citation to APA and copy and paste into notes.

Add these detials to Microsoft Word Referencing online <Manage Sources>.

GALE Student Resources in Context: Click onto the above icon. key in search terms, as above, e.g. Charlemagne

or Magna Carta, e.g. Click on John the King and scroll down to Magna Carta.

Scroll down to  CITATION near the bottom. Go back up to TOOLS.

Click on <Citation>, change citation to APA, and copy and paste into notes.

Add these details to Microsoft Word Referencing online <Manage Sources>.

Should you have any queries regrading the process, please come into BCRC and see any of the Teacher Librarians.


The Middle Ages - Knights, Nobles and Nobodies

In the unit Knights, Nobles and Nobodies, we explore the:

  • way of life in Medieval Europe
  • significant developments and/or cultural achievements
  • role of significant individuals

In your task, you will be responding to one of the following questions.

To what extent did society in Medieval Europe change as a result of the Black Death?


To what extent did society in Medieval Europe change as a result of the signing of the Magna Carta?

Referencing information example

Learn how to reference in one easy lesson using (a) a book and (b) an Internet site:

(a). BOOK:



If no date found then add n.d.




(b). Go to the URL and copy:

Scan the first two paragraphs then the first line of the paragraphs following.

Note (i) the author of the document, (ii) the date published (iii) the title of the document, (ii) scroll down to the very bottom to find year.

TITLE: Magna Carta

PUBLISHER: History Learning Site

YEAR: 2015

AUTHOR: Truman, C


Example paragraph rewording:

The Magna Carta was one of the most important documents written in history. It was written in June 1215. It consisted of written promises that the king would be kind to his subjects and would govern according to feudal law.

Online Bibliography and Referencing tools

BCRC Books

ClickView suggestions

Compass - Christianity: A History (Pt 3): This program tells the story of how Christianity arrived in Britain during the Dark Ages and of its vital role in creating a national identity which has survived ever since the dark ages. (50 Mins).