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Bible Study Tools - UC Booklets


Main Page - Website Review

BCE Religion & Ethics Portal

A window of discovery using relevant links and videos to create interest for students completing Year 11 & Year 12 R&E.

Bible Gateway

A  window to rich text of the Holy Bible, using Scripture Chapters and Verse (Ch.&V) and/or key search words.

RE-source: Melbourne Catholic Education

Scripture Ch.&Vs must be known for easier access to locate passages. [Use a search engine to provide brief to locate Scripture Chapters and Verse,if unknown]. Units include: Ethics, The Church,Scripture, Beliefs and Worship.

Bible Hub

Multi language access to Bible Passages, sermons and contemporary videos.

Together at One Altar

Exploration with craft teaching students how to live life with the Eurchrist; living out through the Gospel.

Bible Maps

Free maps lie of the land in Jesus' time. Includes latest up to date archeological information of Holy Land, Israel and promised lands.

The Bible Doctor

Information on the Gospels, recounting scriptures of NewTestament.


Provides commentary and historical background on scripture and writers for various versions. This is more suitable for a Senior resource as difficult to identify which key terms find 'world behind the text'. May be best used with teacher direction.

New Advent

A Catholic Encyclopedia - Chronicles what Catholic artists educators, poets,scientists and men of action have contributed to every department of knowledge.

The Real Presence, Catholic Dictionary/Thesaurus

Dictionary, definition box with 'drop-down' word find; A-Z.

St Mary's Press

Mysteries: The Gospels

Includes a short film discussing the contents of the four Gospels and the process by which they were likely composed and accepted as scripture. How to read the Gospel tips. LHS Margin has links to Powerpoints.

 New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia

A great resource when researching Catholic Saints. Go to the alphbet on top to learn more about your favourite saint's biography.

Blame me not!

Inscription on a cathedral wall in Germany:
Thus speaketh Christ our Lord to us:
You call me Master and obey me not.
You call me light and you see me not. 
You call me the way and walk with me not. 
You call me life and don’t live with me.
You call me wise and follow me not. 
You call me faith and love me not.
You call me rich and ask me not.
You call me eternal and seek me not.
If I condemn thee, blame me not.

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APA Hints

APA Style is preferred at SLC.

Please check with your Subject teacher.

  • Select APA style
  • Go to Microsoft Word 'References' - Manage Sources - Click on New, Add new source
  • Or Insert citations as you go..Remember to  <Insert Bibliography> at the end of your work.