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Science Resources

Why study Science?


  • builds curiosity for the investigative mind
  • increases understanding of the biological, physical, chemical and technological world
  • helps enable speculation using creative thinking
  • builds knowledge, understanding and skills, so each can be an active member in building a more sustainable future.


Want to know how to research scientifically?
Want to know how to study scientifically?
Want to review scientific method and procedures?
Want to discuss your science topics with your class mates?
Want to belong to a scientific blog?

If you are a Middle school student and you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, Mr Winter's SciNet is a MUST GO place for you.

You-Tube Discovery with Kurzgesagt

In a nutshell - Best science discovery

Click on the image Kurzgesagt above.

Online Bibliography and Referencing tools

Science Daily RSS feeds

Stay up-to-date with the latest science news.  

Fascinating articles, videos, images on all things science.

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The Periodic Table

   Source: Amazonsaws

Click on the above table to locate video lessons (TEDed)

on each element on The Periodic Table.